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EnVyUs – CS:GO Major Champions

Congratulations to Team EnVyUs, who defeated Na`Vi in two games to become the newest CS:GO Major Champions at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015. Thank you to all of the players, casters, analysts, DreamHack and all of the people that made this event possible. Ph


Cluj-Napoca: Quarterfinals

With the close of the group stage, eight teams’ championship hopes remain alive as they head into Saturday’s Quarterfinal matches. Don’t forget to update your Fantasy roster and Team Pick’Em bracket before the beginning of the first match at 10:2


DreamHack Open 2015 Cluj Napoca

Watch live video from esl_csgo on www.twitch.tv „Unic” este un termen deseori folosit în descrierea evenimentelor, dar când vorbești despre DreamHack nu există un alt adjectiv mai potrivit. Indiferent că urmărești un show de cosplay, participi


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